I’m still trying to get photoshop..

sorry for this hiatus. 

i start school friday too.

so i got a new laptop for my birthday..

and i don’t have photoshop anymore.

so im not sure what i’m going to do..

im baaaaaaaaaaaccccccck.

i’ll update later.

yesterday was my birthday, it’s when i got back.

i’m going on a job interview in a few minutes.

hey guys, im going to my mom’s house tomorrow for maybe a week.

i prolly won’t be able to update


oursoccerfam said:

Another way to increase endurance on the field is to do interval running. You could do something like sprints or just go on a run and switch between 85% for 5 min back down to 75% for 10. It helps a lot :)

Here y’all go

how many of you go to high school, have a job, and play on your school team?

i want a job so i can go half day, but i’m going to have soccer, and i’m not sure if it’s possible..


patiencewearingthick said:

for endurance on the field, work your calves! the more apt your calf muscles are to quick reaction will make the lead off of sprints faster and will help you to be light on your feet. (: it worked for me, i was the speed of my high school team and when i got injured sophomore year, my physical therapists had me work my calves a lot so i could catch up to speed with our work outs.

Here you go anon. Thank you!